Anya Munce-Jarrett, MS Ed.

20 years of experience with NYCDOE as Principal, Assistant Principal, Staff Developer, and Math/Science teacher.


Welcome to Andries Hudde I.S. 240 thee Magnet School of S.T.E.(a+).M.!

We are beginning this year in unprecedented times, yet I have high expectations for what we will accomplish with our students during this ‘RENAISSANCE’ era. We have been presented with many opportunities for various new beginnings—new models of Learning both Blended and Remote, a new priority focus on caring for students SEL (Social Emotional Learning), and incorporating new initiatives for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and addressing unfinished learning.

Our outstanding Staff is committed to providing an exemplary learning experience for all of our students because they understand that new beginnings alone cannot produce transformation. ” To meet the challenges that may occur with new beginnings we have discovered that it is so very important for us to disrupt any practices that may negatively affect student achievement ---whether it be instructional, social, or systemic practices, and provide “Equity” for all of our students. Therefore, we have been diligently working to make new plans, design new strategies, and implement best practices so that we collectively concentrate on the processes that promote the continuing advancements of our students.