At IS 240 our vision is “Building a Better World” by developing our students’ global awareness and critical consciousness through a digital platform.

We want to develop our students' self-awareness of their own identity, culture, beliefs and identify how these elements connect with the wider world. By developing their social awareness including empathy, appreciating diversity, respecting others, and relationship-building skills--ultimately they will increase their understanding of the economic, cultural, political, and environmental influences which shape all of our lives.

STEAM Rich Engagement

In addition, IS 240 is a Magnet School that means we receive additional funding to maintain a Specialized Program.  Being a Magnet School allows our community to obtain alternative resources to provide our students with opportunities to participate in a rich engagement of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics in addition to all the other core content such as ELA, Social Studies, and Foreign Language.

Project Based Learning

We take these elements and incorporate them into Project Based Learning units where students are able to utilize their knowledge and skills to respond to authentic complex questions, problems, or real-world challenges.

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